The Legend Lives on.

Today I engaged a Blood Spirit force with elements of a Hanseatic League RDF.

They had 150% of my BV, so this is how it broke down:
2 LRM Carriers (3026)
2 Ferret VTOLs (Armor variant)
2 Archers (2R)
1 Atlas (7D)
1 Awesome (8Q)

Blood Spirits:
4x Zephyr
1x Night Hawk
1x Emperor
1x Thug
1x Pillager

Now, I was pretty badly outmatched, as you can probably tell, but I stuck to the plan, using the Ferrets to spot for indirect fire. I managed to soften up the Emperor and Thug, hitting both in the head before losing my VTOLs to his fast hovercraft.

There were a few desperate,overheated turns while I tried to fight off his Zephyrs at close range, losing my LRM Carriers.

And then the ‘Mechs started coming over the hill. I figured I was screwed, naturally, but I engaged gamely enough, running my Archer up to his Thug, thinking if I could get a punch or two in — BAM! I took off the head with a single seven-point jab.

Leaving the Emperor, the Pillager, and the Nighthawk.Now, I couldn’t devote my full attention to the assault ‘Mechs because I still had Zephyrs and a Night Hawk operating in my rear area. I backed one of my Archers off, getting it swarmed under by Zephyrs, and moved my other Archer up to take a shot at the Emperor.

Well, the Archer didn’t make it, but my Awesome managed to put two PPCs into the Pillager’s head, decapitating it instantly, while my Atlas finished the Nighthawk and one of the three remaining Zephyrs. At some point in there, my other Archer also died.

So I was down to two assault ‘Mechs, one a hip-shot Atlas and the other an Awesome that had seen better days, against an Emperor and a Zephyr. Still a tense fight, right? So I jokingly said that I’d have it sewn up if I managed to head-shot the Emperor.

BAM! third head of the day. Wow. Mopping up the Zephyrs wasn’t that difficult, though it did cost my Awesome a gyro hit. Great game to Chunga. Sorry about the head hits. I got stupidly lucky and won where I shouldn’t have.

Oh well. Only a game, right?

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