Been a damn long time. Rushing to catch up on homework again. Alison is in the hospital with an apparently somewhat severe case of mononucleosis. At least, that’s what they /think/ it is. Naturally, all the tests came up negative. :P I’m not doing so hot myself. I have semi-severe flu-like symptoms and an intense pressure/pain in my left ear. This is not fun.

Finally got my diploma from CBC, which makes me as edjumacated as either of my parents. I will not, however, be satisfied with an AA in “I don’t know.” I intend to end with nothing less than a Bachelor’s Degree, perhaps a Master’s.

Warship of the Week is several days late now. In truth, I had nearly forgotten about it in the rush for everything else. Hopefully I’ll be able to make something up tonight between gaming and…more homework.


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