Medical Insurance?

To answer a question from my last entry’s comments page: I don’t have any medical insurance. I’m usually devilishly healthy and quite poor, meaning I haven’t needed it and I couldn’t afford it. Even if I could have, I’m not sure it would have covered fiendishly expensive medicine ($8000 a dose, give or take) for a rare neurological disorder.

Thankfully, the hospital has a program to keep poor schmucks like me from having to pay their own bills.

In other insurance-related news, my dad convinced our insurance agent that the accident wasn’t my fault, not even 40% my fault, and she’s going to take on PEMCO for us. Wishing her luck, I’d settle for the $600 now. I need wheels, especially with the Valiant now down for the count (it’s leaking transmission fluid. Like a funnel.)

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