Well, the poor Valiant seems to have finally given up the ghost. She’s leaking transmission fluid something fierce and we’ve had to take her offline until my dad finds the time, motivation, money, etc. to rebuild the transmission.

Which leaves me /entirely/ without wheels. Joy. Now, in a town with things in reasonable distances of each other or with a good public transportation system this wouldn’t be too much of a problem. This being the Tri-Cities, it’s going to be a problem. A huge one. Getting to gaming tomorrow is just the beginning of my problems.

Finally got everything straightened out with finaid, registration et al, and now I just have to deal with a 20-credit load, making up 10 credits from last time and convincing WSU that I’m not in default on that student loan (I’m not. It’s supposed to be deferred while I’m in school.)

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  1. bluemarsupial

    Any possibility of getting a transmission from a salvage yard? Sometimes its cheaper than rebuilding, my transmission for my Intrepid cost only $250 and it works wonderfully. We thought at first it was a vehicle speed sensor, but after trying a speed sensor out in it, it didn’t help. A replacement transmission did.

  2. BobRichter

    We’d actually looked for a salvage transmission before, but given that my dad can supply the labor (Cars from the early seventies are actually remarkably simple, and he has the necessary skills) rebuilding it is probably actually the best option.


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