So, Sunday was … interesting. I spent most of the day in bed between trips to the restroom. I had the full suite of things that Pepto-Bismol relieves — and not an ounce of the blessed pink stuff on hand. Finally I felt better enough to drive down to the nearby Safeway for it, but I was still pretty queasy for most of Monday, and I didn’t get any work (homework OR yardwork) done on Sunday.

So I’m a day behind a pretty tight deadline on my homework, and slacking hard to catch up. Played DnD yesterday. My character was unconscious and bleeding at least three times during the night, and the DM almost got a TPK twice. Groovy. Great moments include when our Cloistered Cleric pulled her knife and killed a ninja and the fighter not-yet-multiclassed-to-sorceror commenting “So how do we get over the pit? I can’t cast ‘fly’ — I know, I’ve been trying all night.”

Got some good work done this morning, but much more to come for this evening. Wish me luck.

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