So, I got banned from yesterday, for using the non-word “****ing”, which is apparently so offensive that the censortron does NOT stop it. As humorous as this situation is, it’s going to mean I can’t post on CBT for a month or so. In the meantime, I’ll be transferring my flag over to, where you’ll be seeing any new Warship of the Week features or updates to any of my fiction pieces and etc. until such a time as my ban is brought to an end.

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  1. SladeTheGreyFox

    Yeah, they frown on self-censoring because you can do that to get around the censor and still have your word known.  The idea is too just say whatever and let the censor do the work.  If it misses, then it’s not your fault.  Odd, but hey..I don’t run the joint.

  2. BobRichter

    Chances are, if the Censortron catches it, the word will be obvious from context anyway. Meanwhile, and here’s the stupid thing: I could have used any of the various (obvious) substitutes for the word fucking, except the one that has asterisks that actually cast the word into SOME doubt, and I would have been fine.

    no, chanman, not fucking. If I meant fucking I would have typed fucking. Besides, fucking is a word, not a non-word.

  3. bluemarsupial

    I’m confused. What exactly were you trying to say? Or were you just being silly and typing ****’s for the sheer sake of it? Speaking of getting banned, has anyone seen Rage? Did he get banned again?

  4. BobRichter

    Well, apparently it only counts if you censor only PART of the word. Honestly, I could understand if I’d only killed a single letter or something, but the difference between “You’ve got to be ****ing kidding me” (mine) and “You’ve got to be ******* kidding me”(theirs) just isn’t significant.


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