Contrary to Expectations

Well, Jason did end up missing Karaoke, but I did manage to spend some time with him, mostly by shirking homework and other duties. Went along with my Dad on the trip up to Spokane to get him. Hadn’t had anything resembling sleep, though, so I spent most of it in a kind of altered state of consciousness.

Wednesday night, we (Jason, Alison and I) managed to play a game of Full Thrust. NSL vs Kra’vak, with Jason playing the Kra’vak and Alison rolling my dice. It was absurd. Now, I know the NSL fleet owns the Kra’vak fleet, but Jason rolled so poorly (and Alison rolled so well) that none of my ships were even thresholded. I never even bothered to launch the squadron of torpedo fighters my Szant Istvan BDN was carrying.

We all went out to dinner for my Mom’s birthday at a Mexican restaurant in Kennewick that I don’t think I’ve seen, much less heard of. It was pretty good, but they charged per drink for soda. What a rip.

So Jason’s back in Spokane, I’m much calmer, and a bit further behind on my homework than I’d like.

2 thoughts on “Contrary to Expectations

  1. BobRichter

    You’d mentioned that before.

    I can remember hearing the word on Sesame Street when I was younger. It did take a while to catch on in the States, but it’s pretty ubiquitous now.

    As long as you’re willing to go into bars, anyway.


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