Monthly Archives: November 2006


I managed to avoid blogging at all for the entire month of October.

The usual excuses. Been busy. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

In point of fact, I’ve been very busy. Calc is coming back to me a little too slowly for me to really take advantage of it. With any luck, I’ll be able to reverse that trend enough to actually pass the course. Wish me luck.

Oddly, I’m more worried about 223 and 224. The instructors are great guys, but they’re novices at the instruction thing and they have a harsh policy on something that’s a little too likely to happen with the kind of assignment schedules they’re running — late work. Nate takes 5% off for each day (counting weekends!) the assignment is late. Evan only takes 3%, but it still hurts.

234 is doing a lot better. I have most the the class convinced I’m some kind of genius. Maybe I should look into an EE major instead of Computer Science? But no, I only look like a genius in EE as compared to other CS types. I’d get murdered if I tried to do it seriously.

401/402 is doing pretty good, and I expect to pass with flying colors.

To my considerable consternation, my unwelcome live-in is still here. He should be gone soon, but I’ve said that before…