In recent news, my driver’s license is apparently suspended on account of an old ticket I wasn’t aware needed paying. (*sigh*) I am working to correct this, and it should be corrected soon, but for the meantime I’m not driving. I don’t expect this to make a huge difference as my dad kinda has time to drive me around now (what with the no job thing he has going on right now,) and I only have two finals left anyway.

Finals are going pretty good although hectic. I’m missing a lot of work in a couple of my classes, and that had me worried enough that I missed a good two hours of sleep last night over it.

Oh, and Neko — I AM NOT WRONG. I found myself at loose ends at a public library lately and got to checking through the MLA standard and the Chicago Manual of Style. I didn’t get a chance to check the APA standard or a modern copy of Webster’s or Oxford but MLA and Chicago agree on two things:
1) PPCs is correct.
2) PPC’s is incorrect.

MLA and Chicago use an apostrophe to pluralize only a few fairly odd cases:
1) lower-case letters representing themselves.
2) abbreviations, provided they contain lower-case letters, or contain two or more internal periods.

So, to review:
yeses, not yes’s.
noes, not no’s.
88s, not 88’s.
IOUs or I.O.U.’s (both are equally correct, though why you’d want to type four extra characters is beyond me.) but not IOU’s.
MPs or M.P.’s (again, both equally correct. One is fewer keystrokes.) but not MP’s.
p’s and q’s.
ABCs (or abc’s.)
PPCs not PPC’s.
Texases not Texas’s.

And, yes, thank you. It’s always best to know what one is talking about before making pronouncements, rather than relying on a 200-level collegiate education in grammar or a single 48-year old dictionary.

To end on a positive note, the common man is actually still pretty awesome. In a Winco not too long ago, all the registers were packed and the couple in front of me insisted that I should go first since I only had a few items. I didn’t manage to catch their names, but it’s these small things that keep one’s faith in humanity going.

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