Monthly Archives: February 2007

SITS debrief (or RadCon debrief part 2)

Since some of you asked, SITS (all upper-case, pronounced “sits”) isn’t nearly as bad as it looks at first. Most of the complexity comes from the true 3D nature of the game, and those intimidating-looking charts and tables actually help with all that. There’s no complex math, and the bookkeeping isn’t much worse than Battletech or AT2. Die rolls are actually minimal. It takes about an hour to explain, but plays fairly quickly afterward, at least on a small scale. I’m not sure how it would scale up.

Apparently, the biggest ships in the game right now are Battlecruisers. I fought a Star Knight CA against a Sultan BC and was doing pretty well until we had to call the game (at the four-hour mark) to make way for the next event. All of the ships are approved by the Mad Wizard himself, and while there is a construction system, it isn’t available to the general public (partly due to its complexity.)

RadCon debrief

RadCon was fun for once. We had a full Battletech table for the first time in years, and I also got to play Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (which, while not as bad as it looks, isn’t for the faint of heart,) Full Thrust, AD&D (first edition,) Talisman (2nd ed.,) and Supreme Commander (PC Game, only thing I went to the LAN room for.) Notable (for its coolness) was the number of non-RPGA games being run.

With a full gaming schedule, I didn’t have much time to follow the program track (which, honestly, is how I prefer it.) but I did manage to get a free novel and get it signed by Larry Niven. Of course, I gave it (and the art piece I bought at the auction) to Alison to console her for not getting to go.