So, I had a day, yesterday.

First, my car died. The engine runs. The transmission doesn’t really engage.

The timing on this could hardly have been less convenient, since I was supposed to be driving up to Spokane to fetch my brother. I ended up borrowing my mother’s Ford Explorer, which has various issues, including a radiator leak, an oil leak, and a leaky tire.

Between all of this, I ended up leaving town about three hours late and reached Spokane around noon. Lunch at Taco Bell with Jason and Beth. Walk up a hill that reminded me how in shape I’m not.

On the drive home, I missed my turn at Ritzville and realised it about forty miles later. Adding 80 miles to a 120 miles trip is a fairly serious goof. Fortunately, the Explorer didn’t give me any trouble after the first three hours getting it ready.

So, now my car is dead, my computer is dead…

…I hate life.

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