Online (Temporarily)

So, I’m borrowing Internet access for the moment, allowing me to give ya’all an update on what’s been happening in Bob-World.

Classes at WSU Tri-Cities start August 20. I will be taking…some shit and some other shit and something I’ve already taken. I’m not enthusiastic in other words, but I will soldier on. Hopefully I can get to the interesting stuff in Spring.

Alison is in an apartment in Richland. It has its issues but it’s infinitely better than the previous situation. Here’s hoping it can either last or improve.

My dad lost his job and is now looking for work again. He’s a truck driver. Drives eighteen-wheelers. As fun as it is to have him around, he needs to work so he can have money. So, if you know anyone who’s looking for a fully-trained truck driver, I know where to find one…

We’re down to one functioning car between my dad, my mom, and myself. And it stinks. Literally. Otherwise, it’s pretty okay, despite being a *shudder* Ford Explorer. We just need more vehicles, which means more money.

I think that pretty much covers the essentials for now. I’m still alive and still kicking around somewhere, and things just might be getting better. I’m not getting my hopes up for now.

7 thoughts on “Online (Temporarily)

  1. BobRichter

    The ‘Runs Good’ is sick, though not actually dead. The battery isn’t getting enough voltage to charge it, among other things, with the result that it’s only good for short-range trips in emergencies as opposed to day-to-day use.

  2. mame_snidely

    Eplorers of the vintage Bob here is talking about are well known for engine issues (I belive it involves the lifters, same as Rodeos by Izuzu of similar age), and also for rolling more easily than other vehicles, though not like Jeeps. While this isn’t a big problem in the big picture, ….. this family is talented at rolling vehicles. Kinda like I’m talented at making electrical systems in cars die. That said, I believe they got a reputation as “Exploders” because they were being rolled off the lots with faulty Firestone tires at some point. Twasn’t the car that went boom…. twas the tires but the nickname stuck.

    I’ve been in nice Explorers, but I dig a coupe….. that purrs like a sedate cat and accelerates like a Monte Carlo at Dover and gets gas milage like a Prius. Used to have one too. :(

  3. BobRichter

    Explorers have two basic problems.

    First, they’re Explorers. Second, They’re Fords.

    The Explorer is the archetypical yuppie SUV — a Jeep trying to be a Minivan. It’s useless at everything it does. It’s geared like a truck but built like a car, except that it’s too high off the ground. It’s lacking in everything from creature comforts to maneuverability to stability to cargo capacity to fuel efficiency. Simply put, it has nothing to recommend it, and that’s when it’s in /good/ condition.

    Ford is the Ford Motor Company’s “crap” line. The bargain basement. Fords have one virtue, that being that they are startlingly easy to fix as a general rule. Unfortunately, this comes with the corollary that they are astonishingly easy to /break/ as a general rule. They also appear to be designed to a timed self-destruct. Several years after their original manufacture, every major system will fail at once.

  4. mame_snidely

    Bob…. not to be a debate-killer but …… I haven’t experienced a well considered, nicely engineered economy auto (save once) that was designed in the last 15 years.

    The major problem: the industry is trying to move an ever more heavy and expansive family with ever more heavy and expansive luggage. They are trying to this with less of everything. This is destined to fail. Ford Explorers are just on example of this.


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