Monthly Archives: September 2007

New Toy

So, to my considerable surprise, my new toy showed up today.

It’s a Dell Inspirion 1520 (Laptop) with a 2.2 Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM, and a GeForce 8 series graphics card. It kicks the crap out of any system I have previously owned. It’s actually kinda a budget hotrod.

Handy for school stuff too, thus it being a laptop.


Stuff and Junk

I’m starting to get really behind my classes and it’s converning me. I missed three out of the first four days of my Engineering Physics class mainly because I’m just not used to getting up in the morning anymore. Stupid WSU-TC and its stupid afternoon/evening Computer Science classes.

I’ve missed homework assignments in both of my computer science courses out of mainly underestimating the time required to complete them.

And then there’s Alison, who seems to be having trouble letting me sleep so I can get up in the morning or letting me do homework. Admittedly, that’s mainly because the Not-Named Canadian has reared his ugly head again, but it’s still really taxing.

And I need a job. Only I just can’t figure out when I’d have time to work.


Banned Again

So just in case anyone from is wondering why I haven’t been around for the last few days, here it is: I was banned. I called PerkinsC delusional because he is, and because I was (and am) under a lot of stress and I briefly forgot the difference between “that’s stupid” (a critical review) and “you’re stupid” (a personal attack.) One is against the rules, the other isn’t. I should have said “That’s delusional.” and skipped the natural “, you lunatic.”

I like calling a spade a spade. It makes me feel honest, but it *is* against the rules, and so I get to sit it out for the next six months. Fine. I don’t know if I’ll be back. To be honest, I think it was taking up too much of my time anyway. Sorry to my Order and Chaos pals. I might like to keep participating. I could post scenes here or over at

As you all know, is the Classicbattletech alpha site, and also my tactical fallback for when I get banned, so that’s where I’ll be for the next six months.

Online (Permanently?)

So, my brother moved back in and brought his cable service with him, so not only am I online full-time now, but it’s faster than it was. Meanwhile, my other brother upgraded his computer and brought me his old one (Thanks!), so I now have a reasonably-functional windows machine (interestingly enough built into a full-sized ATX tower that I bought for the both of us many years ago.) I just slotted my old HDD in there for a total of 360 GBs of glorious, glorious storage space on two old-fashioned IDE chains.

I can (barely) play Supreme Commander, so I’m not feeling quite as game-deprived now. Especially considering that all of my OTHER PC Games work on this thing. Now I just need to be sure not to spend too much time relieving that particular frustration. Still have homework to do.

In other news, I finally convinced WSU Financial Aid to give me money. Unfortunately, it’s not arrived yet and we’re now four weeks into the semester and I still don’t have books. *sigh*.

I applied for additional money to buy me a laptop. Hopefully that comes through too. I could really use a laptop.