Banned Again

So just in case anyone from is wondering why I haven’t been around for the last few days, here it is: I was banned. I called PerkinsC delusional because he is, and because I was (and am) under a lot of stress and I briefly forgot the difference between “that’s stupid” (a critical review) and “you’re stupid” (a personal attack.) One is against the rules, the other isn’t. I should have said “That’s delusional.” and skipped the natural “, you lunatic.”

I like calling a spade a spade. It makes me feel honest, but it *is* against the rules, and so I get to sit it out for the next six months. Fine. I don’t know if I’ll be back. To be honest, I think it was taking up too much of my time anyway. Sorry to my Order and Chaos pals. I might like to keep participating. I could post scenes here or over at

As you all know, is the Classicbattletech alpha site, and also my tactical fallback for when I get banned, so that’s where I’ll be for the next six months.

2 thoughts on “Banned Again

  1. SgtBytor

    That’s the problem with forums like the CBT boards.  Over-moderation.  I honestly think you shouldn’t have been banned for 6 months just for that.  Just one of the reasons I don’t head over there anymore. 

  2. Kojak_3

    Yeah, Perkins is nuttier than a bag of Planters. I think it’s funny that it’s okay for people to make fun of HeroChip (who’s equally crazy) but Perkins is off-limits.


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