Innertube Sucks

While we’re at it, CBS sucks. Oh, I’ve been a loyal viewer for many years. CBS has been my second-favorite network losing out only to NBC, and they’re still losing. NBC beat CBS to the punch on online availability of episodes, and has the advantage that their system actually works. I can go watch Heroes online right now. Null Perspiration. Oh sure, it has ads, but they’re largely unintrusive, and I like the idea that I’m “paying” for what I watch.


 Innertube (CBS’s streaming online video repository) sucks so bad that it’s actually impossible for me to watch  last night’s episode of Moonlight. It will play only the first file of four before getting irrevocably stuck. Okay, so maybe this is a Vista issue. Or a Flash issue. Or something else. Clearly, someone, somewhere can watch full episodes on Innertube. I, however, can’t. And there’s no contact information for any kind of technical support or customer service which means that I can basically go bugger off.




So I’m going to pirate it, of course. I tried it the sanctioned way and the sanctioned way doesn’t work. Downloading a torrent is much faster than trying to get customer service out of a massive corporate entity that seems only vaguely aware that they might have customers. Unfortunately, this means that my viewership doesn’t count for advertising (and therefore revenue) purposes. Though maybe it counted sixteen times for the first quarter of the show…



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