Happy New Year, Holiday debrief

So the Holidays happened. Aside of a long visit from my presently out-of-towner brother and some inconvenient store closures, I barely noticed. I find it ironic that the woman who saved Christmas for me some eight years ago has now become my personal grinch. If you beg enough, I might tell you that story.

I got: nearly nothing, aside of a lot of Supreme Commander played, some meals out, a fine time with family and friends, and (in spite of it all) very very depressed. Not quite leaping-out-a-window-in-Pullman depressed, but as close to there as I’ve ever been since. Luckily there were no high places at hand.

3 Margaritas, the ineptly named restaraunt/lounge where we’ve been doing regular karaoke has really gone downhill. The karaoke is great, the food is pretty good, the service is straight crap. About the worst I’ve ever had. After the last time, I was wishing negative tips were permissable.

Which means I’m looking for a new regular karaoke show. That’s too bad, as I was just getting used to this one.

I did get a pair of my “Christmas Set” done before Christmas:

The Night Santa Went Crazy

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Christmas at Ground Zero

Jesus He Knows Me.

The last one is odd, being neither a Christmas song per se nor a novelty song (which the rest are.) I chose it to put the Christ back in Christmas in as contrary a way as I could manage. 

I need a T-Shirt that reads “Axial Tilt is the Reason For the Season.” That’s officially on my Christmas List for next year.

New Years came and went nearly without comment, and the Beast is still down, though getting closer to finished.

Part of why I’ve not been blogging comes down to being so depressed. Part is because I’ve got so much material crammed into my head that the congestion is blocking the flow off entirely. Hopefully I’ll get to mucking out those depths in the next few days.


One thought on “Happy New Year, Holiday debrief

  1. mame_snidely

    Bob, I wish you’d mentioned you were depressed. You know I wouldn’t mind listening to you if you needed to bitch and moan. I’m not going to to tell you ‘it’s not really that bad,” either. I’m not that big a pollyanna.

    Honestly, Christmas loses it’s charm later on, I think, for most of us that are struggling. The one time of year that things are REQUIRED to somehow end up right and when they don’t you have failure tatooed to your forehead.


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