So perhaps you wonder

What’s happening with Bob? That is the point of this blog after all, far more than are vaguely (or less vaguely) political ramblings. Well, Alison’s still crazy and taking up far too much of my time, my car is still down, and I am once again on the outs with WSU financial aid. Consequently, I’ve decided to cut my course-load to 5 transferrable credit-hours at Columbia Basin College and am sort-of half-assedly looking for a job.

I’ve been playing Supreme Commander on GPGnet lately. As of now, I have a 7 and 7 record in ranked 1v1 games. That’s sure to change whenever I get around to playing more. If you see me on Halcyon, I’ll be JediBear, naturally.

Other than that…not much. Actually pretty quiet lately. *sigh*


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