Your monthly update

Seems about like it, doesn’t it?

The truth is that I don’t feel much like writing lately, or really much of anything. I play games or I sleep. I haven’t been getting much done.

I got the first Explorer-load of Alison’s stuff into storage today, finally beginning to justify the expense of this month’s prorated rent for the unit. :P Sadly, I’ve yet to get her down to DSHS and her other problems seem no closer to resolution. I still haven’t got down to WorkSource to start more seriously looking for a job.

Dave and I played Birth of the Federation Tuesday, as Alison couldn’t make it to gaming, and there’s not much you can do in terms of RP with only two people (note: group needs expansion.) If only it weren’t so technically crappy, this would be one of my favorite games, I think. I keep coming back to it.

Another game I’ve been playing a lot lately is se4, another one that’s rather dated but actually quite entertaining, though I find it overly complex. On the other hand, it’s still nothing to the mess of pointless complexity that was MOO3.

I’ve also recently discovered Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series (Mooncalled, Bloodbound, etc.) and found that I simply can’t put them down. It’s another one of those “magical stuff in the modern world” settings, but with a bit of a twist. It takes place right here in these Tri-Cities. And she doesn’t let me forget it either: there’s plenty of references that show her familiarity with the area and its people. Even if you’re not a Tri-Citian, they’re probably still worth checking out. The stories are a lot of fun and the characters are very accessible.

One thing that troubles me is that the cover art always seems to show Mercy with rather more tatoos than she actually has. She only has the one, a coyote paw-print in an inconspicuous location.

On the “troubling news from the real world” front, check out this story.

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