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Profile Pics

I had meant to distinguish J’Rela’s post(s) from mine using her profile picture (she’s a human girl, not a bear, and has no lightsabers: it would be pretty obvious,) but Xanga doesn’t appear to be displaying profile pics with blog posts. I also don’t seem to be able to select non-default profile pics for posts or comments. Anyone know what’s up with that? Is it an IE7/Xanga issue? Is it just a Xanga issue? Or am I doing something wrong?

While we’re at it, does anyone know what’s up with the script that seems to run on everyone’s xanga site that IE7 keeps wanting me to kill?

Anyway, the post below this one is J’Rela’s, not mine. The one under that explains that, for those of you who don’t know who J’Rela is.


Memo to Empires: Fuck you, too.

It seems the Empires have now finally figured out that CONCORD just can’t secure low-sec territories. Welcome to reality, it only took you five years! So the cold war is heating up, with the various Empires creating covert militias to stick it to the other guy under CONCORD’s nose while leaving their own navies more or less out of it. That’s not too bad, it’s an escalation, but it’s more or less business as usual. I’ve been taking covert assignments from the Republic Fleet to gank Imperial ships more or less since I left the service of those racist slaver theocrats myself. It’s not like the Empire doesn’t know it either. They don’t like me much, but they wouldn’t dare touch me because they’ve had their own “agents” targeting their own mercenaries on the Matari, and they haven’t wanted to go public. Either side hitting the other side’s capsuleer mercs would pretty much blow the whole thing wide open.

So now they’ve got these “militias” operating with their hush-hush approval to actually carry out territorial raids. You’d think I’d be the first one in line sticking it to the slaver bastards. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong. The thing is, I’m not allowed in the line Apparently the Empire Militias have decided that the members of capsuleer Alliances (hey, that’s me!) have grown too powerful for them to control (well, duh!) Apparently they think we’d have trouble following orders if we were to enlist in one of their dirty little militias. Maybe they think we’d start taking the systems for ourselves, deploying our own stations, and defending the territory just as we have in the territory CONCORD doesn’t patrol.

Well, you know what? I don’t care if the damn Matari don’t feel they need me. Because they’re right. We are too powerful. Ethereal Dawn and Black Lotus Heavy Industries have set up our own home out here in the Drone Regions, and we don’t need Amarr bigotry, Caldari corruption, Gallente arrogance, or backwards Matari tribalism. We make our own ships. We make our own guns. We make our own jumpgates. We make our own damn stations. So you know what, Empires? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I hope all you bastards kill each other off. I mean it.

Not that, if I happen to be in empire space, I won’t still kill impies here and there for a buck. At least the damn impies won’t be shooting at me. Not that they could hit me.

Not a Monthly Update, plus Multiple Personality Disorder

Well, the festival’s almost over, and the “lots and lots of toys and money” have not materialized. I did get a copy of the DnD 4th Edition PHB. I’m not sure how I feel about the game, but the gift was very nice. It’s glossy and heavy and generally very tome-like. It was also quite timely, as I ended up playing 4th Edition for my next tuesday game-day, and for the latest one as well. So, thanks a lot for that one.

I got bears too, after a fashion. My new tome came wrapped in a polar-bear pillowcase. Not only is it awesome-looking. It’s also quite comfortable. So what’s wrong with the rest of you slackers and layabouts, anyway? Where are all of my toys (thanks Beth and Jason.)

After a two-week interruption due to birthdays (alison’s was on a friday,) and the solstice (also a friday,) I was back on my regular karaoke schedule this month. I’m still at the 3 Margaritas, which still closes too early, but at least the service has improved. It’s also close to home and saves on gas. My song line-up for the night, chosen more or less at random:

  • Sixteen Tons (followed someone else doing Sixteen Candles)
  • I Alone
  • Jesus He Knows Me
  • I Stand Alone
  • I Love Rocky Road (the Weird Al Rule was invoked)

The Weird Al rule is that, if someone does a song that Weird Al parodied, I must (allowing for time constraints and music availability) follow with the Weird Al parody. I almost always get a first-timer who’s surprised and tonight was no exception. The audience seemed to like it, and one fellow came up and looked at the prompter to check and see if I was singing the real words.

I had trouble on I Stand Alone. I kept trying to find the tone and it…just…wasn’t…there. I don’t know if I should practice more or just give up on it. It’s odd. Usually I don’t have trouble with Godsmack. They need more Godsmack. And Live. And Foo Fighters. And Fall Out Boy. And…

The next post should be a fine example of my game-induced MPD, a post from my character J’Rela from the world of EVE. J’Rela has been a capsuleer for five years, making her an ancient lich of a rockstar in New Eden. Despite being born and raised in the Amarr Empire, she hates the Amarr and everything they stand for. She fought for the Republic Fleet for quite some time before the new Militias were created, before joining Ethereal Dawn in the newly-opened Drone Regions. Today she has a few comments on…well, I’ll let her go from here.


D-1, B-3

Well, it’s June now. That means it’s been a while since I blogged about what’s going on. That’s mainly because not much is going on. I should find a way to do something about that, naturally.

And I’ve been trying, kinda half-heartedly. Despite being distracted by Age of Conan (which I might review if I ever get figured out just what I want to say about it) and SE5 (which is still a huge disappointment), I managed to work up a resume. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I think it’s about as good as it’s going to get, so I plan to start shopping it around soon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

I had another talk with Alison over the weekend, and I’m really hoping it will pay off this time.  I am not, however, actually expecting results this time. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to stop banging my head against that wall.

As mentioned in my last post, June is a month-long celebration of my birth nearly 27 years ago. The proper day is June 8th. I expect everyone to be thrilled and send me lots of money and toys. :P