Cellphone Death and Replacement

I probably should have mentioned this before, but my cell phone recently died. It’s okay because I have a new one, same model. It’ll cost me a bit not too far down the road, but it suits me and the new models didn’t. Also, they were even more expensive.

The problem is that I forgot to do one very important thing before boxing the carcass of the old one and shipping it back to the factory. I grabbed my memory card and transferred it over. I grabbed my SIM card and transferred it over.

I forgot to use the bluetooth (the phone’s main screen was shot, a result of my unfortunate and unintentional rough treatment of equipment) to do a remote dump of the phone’s internal memory, which was where I had stupidly allowed all of my contact information to be stored.


So I’m trying to rebuild my cell phone’s phonebook, because I never made a backup of it on either of my computers or hardcopies. If you’re not in my Five (and you’re not) and I haven’t called you in a while, you might want to give me a call, so I know where to reach you.

Note: Clearly, if you don’t already have my phone number, this entry is probably not intended for you.


4 thoughts on “Cellphone Death and Replacement

  1. BobRichter

    @mame_snidely – You don’t? Ask my brother. He has it. Unless he blanked his cell, too.

    Doug, Spam, if you actually want to make random phone calls to me at odd hours of the day, I’d be glad to provide you with my number for that purpose.


    Just not here.


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