At least one of you is eagerly anticipating Bob’s Christmas Gift Table. I assure you it’s coming. I apologise for my tardiness on this, I really should have posted it around November 25th, but (and for no very good reason) it’s not done yet. I’ll post it when it is (hopefully tomorrow?) Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve been a little fragile for the last couple months and getting yelled at over having an opinion kinda shut me down for a while (there. Are you proud of yourselves?) So I “decided” to “take a vacation” from blogging, and since I’m not getting paid for this and noone had a gun to my head, I guess I get to fill in the details for you now.

And there’s not much happening, actually. I think I may be advancing on the primary front, but I’ve thought that before. Meanwhile, I have some prospects for a job, though at the moment they’re all tied to a vaguely defined programming project (“build a portfolio.”) This isn’t ideal (vaguely defined projects are harder to do,) but it has given me a clear incentive to start coding again. Sadly, because of how long it’s been that’s going to mean re-learning a lot, and learning a bit in a fairly poorly-documented area.

Fortunately, the key skill in programming isn’t actually coding. It’s learning how to code, and that one at least has stuck with me. Now if I could start managing my time a little, I’d be golden. I think the depression isn’t helping a lot here. Dr. Coker has been threatening to prescribe me some antidepressants. Well, if you can’t fix the underlying cause, maybe treating the symptom will help? Still undecided on this one.

Alison actually got back into EVE after a four-year break. I’m actually not sure if this is a good sign or not, but it’s been fun so far. She’s kind of a super-noob. Her character has skills, but she’s fogotten a lot of what she knew how to do, a lot of which isn’t even relevant anymore.

I’ve been listening to Flogging Molly a lot lately (something about celtic punk just works with playing World of Warcraft.) Random thought for the day: Who would name their kid Delilah? I mean, sure, it sounds pretty to anglophone ears, but it means something like “betrayer” in hebrew, and it’s most famously the name of a biblical whore. What’s the thought process that goes into bestowing a name like that on an innocent girl-child?


2 thoughts on “Breaking

  1. mame_snidely

    I didn’t yell at you for your opinion recently did I? If I did… hmmm… I don’t remember it but it was poor form nonetheless.

    I bet it’s time for Anvil to come back too….. but….


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