So what’s going on with me, anyway?

There’s a reason my last two blog posts were about EVE. Actually, there are several reasons. I use blogging primarily as a way to report the news of my life. As such, I don’t generally go into things that haven’t changed, and there’s been depressingly little change lately on real fronts. What little has occurred has mainly been of a fairly transient or trivial nature. I spend a lot of time on EVE, and some big stuff’s been happening lately at a time I actually felt like writing, and so I’ve been blogging about EVE.

But it’s been a long time since I really reported anything about my experience in FirstLife, so I thought it was time to do a more-or-less comprehensive rundown of the trivial, the transient, and the Things That Haven’t Changed.

Things That Haven’t Changed:

-Since it’s a big subject on a lot of people’s blogs, I’ll start with my love-life. The reason I haven’t written about it lately is that there’s nothing interesting going on in my love-life. I generally consider that a good thing, as once you’re emotionally comitted to someone, “interesting” is usually synonymous with “painful.” If I’m not writing about it, it’s a good thing, in other words. And things have been fairly good lately. The love of my life isn’t willing to admit to me that she’s my girlfriend, but (and this is actually kinda new, I just hadn’t thought to mention it) she isn’t claiming to be someone else’s anymore either. This has eased my depression considerably.

Slight break here: That’s actually huge news. It’s not transient or trivial, I just hadn’t thought to mention it. I’m no longer depressed. I’ve been off the antidepressants since I ran out of them a month or so ago, and I actually feel pretty good.

-I’m still unemployed. Nobody’s hiring, and even if they were, I certainly as hell wouldn’t be the guy to find them. I’m a terrible job-hunter. Yes, it’s a problem. Yes, I’m trying to fix it. No, I don’t really have any idea how.

The Transient:

-I usually don’t report when I’m ill. The main reason for this is that I rarely feel like writing when I’m ill, and even if I did, I’d have trouble finding the energy. By the time I do, naturally I’m no longer ill, so I’ll report it in the past tense. I am recovering from a hell of a…virus, I think it was. It initially presented with headache, loss of energy and severe joint pain and moved on into all manner of unpleasant things. I’m pretty much better now. It took about two weeks to run its course. I rescheduled a doctor’s appointment because I didn’t think the acute condition would aid any in diagnosing or treating my chronic conditions, and therefore didn’t feel like going when the only likely outcome was “You have a virus,” which wouldn’t have helped in the slightest.

-My Dad stopped buying food for a while, leaving me in a bit of a fix with an empty kitchen and empty pockets. Fortunately, my big brother and my ex-girlfriend stepped up and I don’t seem to have lost any weight.

-I had a recurring pain in my lower back. This appears to have been resolved. I suspect it may have been a side-effect of the hydrochlorot somehow, as the pains ceased about the time I lost it and went back on my old stock of lisinopril, which I’m pretty sure by now wasn’t causing my coughing fits.

The Trivial:

-My car reached 160,000 miles. The “Check Engine” light came on at the same time.

-I have achieved a number of new high scores playing Tetris on my phone. My current best is a score of 68173 with 277 lines completed and ending at level 13. I’m apparently 36% efficient and have a power of 59, whatever that means.

-I played through both KotOR games and started playing through them again before losing interest. I even took a brief look at the current state of the modding scene for those games. (It’s mostly dead, hardly surprising considering their age, but there are still some good mods and resources available. Sadly, the TSL Restoration Project has yet to produce results. One wonders if it ever will.)

-I have now completed (won) a game of Master of Orion II playing on “Impossible” difficulty as stock Bulrathi.

-It occurred to me that “Masters of Orion,” which everyone seems to think is the name of Master of Orion II may not actually be a registered trademark. Possible name for a clone-game.

-I have begun musing on an idea for a non-fanfic universe/story/Great American Novel (you know, the kind that Never Gets Finished?) It involves a space-opera universe where the answer to “How does FTL work” is actually “It’s Magic.” My working title is “Star Fire and Diamond Dust.” Yes, there are elves and energy swords.

-I’m now playing through WH40K: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (main, that title’s a keyboard-full) as both the Orcs and the Necrons. I’m closing in on victory in both. I believe that leaves Space Marines and Tau.

-I’ve prepared and eaten several meals in the intervening period. None of them were memorable.

-I’ve posted a number of new AT2 warship designs on btechunits. You should really look at them. And comment.

-I’ve sung a number of new songs at karaoke. This last Friday, I sang an Elvis song (Beach Boy Blues) that I’d never actually heard before and did a passable job to considerable applause. I must be good at this or something. Too bad there’s no money in it.

-I completed the tokenizer portion of a parser I’m building. I should really finish the darn thing. For a programmer, I don’t seem to program much, and that’s a problem.

-There is now a gaming store with a largish playing area in Richland. This is cool, as it means that I might be able to join the Catalyst Games demo team. Once I actually finish the application.

-I should really file a FAFSA for this year. Even if WSU won’t give me financial aid, there may be another institution that will.

-I filed an application with Office Depot. No word back. Didn’t [i]really[/i] want to work there anyway.

-My resume was noticed by an insurance firm out of Walla Walla. They wanted me to sell insurance. This suggests to me that they have a reading comprehension issue. Fix computers for an insurer? Sure. Answer phones? No problemo. I am not a salesman. I will not sell on a comission and especially I will not sell insurance.

Things that HAVE Changed:

Since I thought of a few, there are some things that are both different and significant:

-As noted above, I am no longer depressed because things have improved measurably with Alison.

-I’m going to be going back to school. It’s on my parent’s dime, and it’s only one class, but it’s something. It almost feels like progress. Unfortunately, it’s a Calculus class I’ve taken twice before with unvaried and unfortunate results. Quarter II Calculus shouldn’t really be that big of a challenge, but I find myself anticipating and dreading it in equal measure.

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