Monthly Archives: April 2009

I get the distinct feeling that noone’s reading this

That’s okay. I’m not really writing it either. Obviously, since April’s almost over and I haven’t written anything since March.

I’ve started quarter 2 calculus for the…fifth? time. Hopefully I can do better this time. I have no idea why it’s so hard for me. It’s not even the calculus. It’s the trig! I realise that trig fuctions are a big part of higher math education, but I’m not sure why calculus grades should rest on the ability to memorize their properties. I’ve so far been largely unable to do so, but I’m going to give it another shot. With only one class on my plate, I should be able to focus an uncommon amount of attention on it. If that fails, it’s possible further math education may not be for me.

I’ve started working for pay. I wouldn’t say it’s a job. I’m helping my mother clean up around the old Country Haven Academy/Cypress Gardens Greenhouse grounds, and she’s paying me for it (I think.) At best, its a temp position, and it’s not work I’m comfortable doing for an extended period.

I’ve also been driving my Dad to work, since the Explorer gave up the ghost a while back.

Meanwhile, Ethereal Dawn is (as those of you who follow the EVE news should know by now) in some fairly desperate straights. Our central constellation has been invaded by Red Alliance, and while we’re doing our best to repulse them and we’ve seen a reduction in attacks by other opponents, some critical missteps have been made, and we may lose sov in the constellation. I’ve noticed a lot of members disappearing or complaining that they have no ships with which to fight. My own wallet is declining, as I’ve been unable to hunt for alloys, and the alliance’s refineries are under attack in any case.

This means that I’ve been spending long hours every evening on EVE killin’ reds. My kill stats have never looked better, but it’s starting to wear on me. PvP Combat was never a part of EVE that interested me.