EVE is eating my life

The war for the Reach continues, and now it looks like we are losing again. Majesta is out, but Red has a new friend (Scorched Earth) and our friends aren’t provding nearly enough help fast enough, for all that I’m sure they’re trying. Two of our stations are firmly in enemy hands and another two may fall soon unless something changes.

As much as being forced back into empire would be a disappointment, it would also be a relief. I have been putting far more time into EVE than I could afford since the siege began, and feeling guilty when I need to take time out for things like sleep, homework, looking for work, eating out, other gaming, or cave-time.

All of those things are essential though, so I’m going to have to look at finding a different way to fight, or drop out of the fighting altogether. CCP should seriously find a way to reformat sov warfare so that there’s a way to do it without having phenomenal levels of manpower comitted day and night.

I’m still suffering the after-effects of that cold, but I’m feeling much better now. I’ll try to get around to the Birthday Table soon.


2 thoughts on “EVE is eating my life

  1. mame_snidely

    Bob….. I don’t know that Eve is what you should be focusing on right now. I dunno…. it seems like more and more that game requires a lot of time to experience satisfaction :( I used to be happy with an hour or two of hobnobbin’ but now…. it’s like EVE requires your full downtime to accomplish anything.

  2. BobRichter

    The way sov war is structured right now, nullsec is not for people with jobs and lives. Actually, though, things usually work at a more sedate pace. The war is the anomaly rather than the rule, and now that I have relatively few towers to tend, I’ve had time for some other things.

    I agree. EVE isn’t what I should be focusing on right now. I’m working on correcting that.


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