Come to an end

My year-long ban at has expired. In recognition, I have hauled down my “Banned JediBear” avatar and changed my signature to reflect my new status. What you will not be seeing at this time are new posts from me on the forums.

This was a difficult decision for me. I’ve been a part of that community since it was Warner’s Battletech University (many years ago,) and it’s been kinda my social center of gravity on the web since I was at Pullman (too many years ago, considering.) A huge amount of my time and creativity were tied up posting fanfics, articles, and designs; answering questions, playing games and (most importantly) getting into arguments there. I made a lot of friends there, some of whom I still communicate regularly with, and I have a strong feeling of missing out on the action because I can’t stop myself from browsing sometimes.

(Yes, I’m aware that’s pathetic. It’s just some internet forums. I should get a life. You’re reading a blog. So now who’s pitiful?) 

What it ultimately comes down to is that I can’t tolerate the way some of the staff there have treated me. The current moderation practices may keep the boards relatively trouble-free, but they also unfairly punish people for contributing. The rules are unclear and unevenly applied, the line moves, and the moderators have no discretion over punishment, which is determined by an arbitrary system based only on number (and timing) of previous offenses.

Worst of all, there are some among the staff who think I’m still sixteen, which is especially troubling since I just turned 28. (And holy crap…I just turned 28. Gods, that’s depressing.)

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a Birthday Gift Table. While it wasn’t a bad idea, it’s a fair amount work to do it right, and I just didn’t manage to find the time or the creativity this year. I hate doing things wrong, so I just didn’t do it. Your forgiveness please. If you’re wondering what to get me, I could use some nice leather or pseudoleather seat-covers for the Burgundy Beast. I’ve also been wanting a copy of Sins of a Solar Empire and its Entrenchment expansion.

June is a month-long festival in celebration of my birth, which means ya’all have 20 more days to get me something. If you’re really hurting for ideas, ask some of my other friends or my brothers. They know the kinds of stuff I like.

Hell, just reading through this blog ought to give you some ideas. A lot of stuff on the last Christmas table is still valid, for example. Of course, since I don’t buy any of you presents (I’m unemployed and broke!) There’s no obligation at all.

3 thoughts on “Come to an end

  1. Doug_Glendower

    For your birthday, I got you the same thing I got chanman.

    I’ve preemptively banned you from my forums!


    Happy birthday, and hope that one day you’ll be able to enjoy’s stuff again.

  2. sir_spamalot

    While I’m not sure I feel like abandoning CBT, I don’t feel as comfortable being the full me when I am there like back in the day. Then again the me that started posting there and the me now are not quite the same. I’ve grown, become more cynical and started being an adult and sometimes I find it hard to act like an adult there because the line that we have to tread. It’s almost like a state of fear where you can’t cut loose, because loose gets you in the hot seat. I understand your feelings and don’t blame you. Though, if you do ever come back just in case, I’ll still treat you with the same respect. ;)


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