Friday Night Karaoke

First, the setlist, while it’s still relatively fresh in my mind:

  1. Runaway Train — Soul Asylum
  2. Midnight Special — Creedence Clearwater Revival
  3. Selling the Drama — LIVE
  4. A Boy Named Sue — Johnny Cash

The first two were at Richland’s 3 Margaritas, which closed shortly thereafter since their restrooms had ceased functioning and they were therefore in violation of the health code. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed up soon. We’d heard that Kennewick’s Cavanaugh’s might be a little less crowded than in its glory days a few years back, so we hit the freeway for a few miles to check it out. Not a bad show, though a little more populous than I would have hoped. I had to sing Selling the Drama almost entirely from memory (I remembered it remarkably well, getting all the musical queues right, but forgetting some critical words. I got quite a bit of applause for sticking it out) since their disc was apparently broken/dirty/something, and I’ve made better attempts at A Boy Named Sue, but it was a fairly enjoyable night anyway. I hadn’t seen Selling the Drama anywhere else, so I was pretty happy to find it, and didn’t mind too much trying to sing it from memory.

You might have noticed a lack of EVE news. Something big’s happening and I’m trying not to give away too much blue intel. I’ll fill ya’all in later. The lack of other news has something to do with that.

Since Rocio pointed this out, and I found it amusing: United Breaks Guitars
The man deserves some justice I think, so give him some hits.

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