Thanksgiving: Good, exhausting

First thing Thanskgiving morning, I drove up to Spokane Valley to get my brother, which is about a two and a half hour drive. After loading him and various other items into the Burgundy Beast, we hit the road again for the 150-odd minute trip back to good old Richland. That’s about five hours on the road, but I wasn’t done yet. After a brief “wait for Alison” break (that is, well over an hour,) we did some last-minute shopping and headed out to my mom’s (about 45 min) for dinner, which had to be cooked first (I got to nap, yaay.)

After an enjoyable meal pleasantly devoid of turkey (as we are in the main vegetarians,) I took another nap before driving another 45 minutes home. Then I sacked out for good, not waking up until some time Friday.

So it was fun. A lot of driving (which I’m not overly fond of) some good food, and a lot of good conversation, and then some good sleep. Thanksgiving may actually be my favorite holiday. It has all the stuff I like about Christmas with none of the annoying music or religious overtones or gift-giving, or the excessive sweets that plague both adjacent holidays. 

Friday involved a lot of EVE (missioning and a nicely sizable corp mining op,) SPANC, and Karaoke.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: Good, exhausting

  1. skiltao

    Sounds not far from my version of the Holiday. Just had different roads, substantially more candy, and apparently less lucky in the amount of Christmas music I suffered through. And on that note: have you heard Straight No Chaser’s arrangement of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” ?

  2. BobRichter

    @TheBigShowAtUD – I don’t remember, didn’t write it down. They all tend to blur together after a bit. If you actually care, I can try to be more diligent about logging my song lists. For a general idea of what I do, I’ve posted song lists in the past.

    @skiltao – I haven’t. I’ll look it up.


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