Friday Night Karaoke!

So here’s my song list for last Friday:

  1. I alone — LIVE
  2. My Best Friend’s Girl — The Cars
  3. Jeremy — Pearl Jam
  4. Voodoo — Godsmack

Tonight, I am planning to do Genesis’s I can’t dance as well as 3 Doors Down’s Kryptonite. The rest I will figure out as I go along.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Karaoke!

  1. Jal_Phoenix

    I tend to stick with artists I can imitate, so it’s usually David Lee Roth or Bon Jovi when I’m drunk enough to actually do karaoke. Which isn’t often.

  2. BobRichter

    @Jal_Phoenix – I do it stone-cold sober on a weekly basis, as I think I’ve mentioned before. The really cool thing is that I can imitate all of these artists.

    You should try it sober. It’s pretty awesome. Really helps with overcoming general stage fright too.

  3. Jal_Phoenix

    It’s not really my favorite thing. I’m tone deaf, for one, so while I have a good voice, I can’t really sing in tune with the music unless I have an accompanying voice to harmonize with. I sound worse sober because I’m thinking about these things instead of relaxing and concentrating on singing.

    I don’t get stage fright. Years of being “the boss” and having to give daily speeches to up to a hundred people, many of them complete strangers, kind of cured me of that. I can get up on stage and give a speech or sing without a problem. I just don’t like sounding bad.


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