So, what the hell is going on with you, anyway?

Looking back over my blog just now, I realised that I haven’t posted anything meaningfully personal since just after the new year. I’ve been all Battletech-and-Karaoke, and you might have missed even that update since it was a combination Karaoke post.

Well, while I can’t exactly account for not having been in the mood to write about myself for months, I’ve obviously been living the whole time since then. On the educational front, I went full-time at WSU this semster and kinda flopped in a big way. I’ve been feeling too sick to get out of bed as often as not. I’ve finally tracked down what I think is the bulk of the problem (esophogitis due to severe untreated acid reflux,) but other problems persist and it was simple too late for half of my classes, from which I have been forced to withdraw. I sense impending doom coming from the general direction of the Financial Aid Office.

But I really am feeling a whole lot better, even though I still have frequent headaches and moderate-to-severe lower back pain keeps me from walking or standing much. On my last doctor’s visit, I had normal blood pressure and had dropped some weight. I’m currently looking for a GP in the Richland area so I can continue diagnosing and treating these problems. It’s depressing, my body is breaking down and I’m not yet thirty.

A lot of that’s lifestyle, and I need to get that bit figured out. I need to find a way to excersise regularly and get myself on a reasonable, planned diet. I also need to find a better place to live.

My vehicle recently broke down. A piston seems to have disintigrated in a most unusual fashion. I am currently looking into replacing it (the piston, not Burgie,) but this will take time and my dad’s car (which I had been borrowing) having failed the same way has left me without transportation. I did put a bid in on a truck at a repo lot, but the bank hasn’t got back to me yet. Word is that they wanted rather more than I’m offering. Nevertheless, it’s a truck and this economy is what it is. Chances are they’ll eventually relent when they don’t get a better offer.

I have some tension in my personal life over, of all things, EVE Online. My brother took control of the alliance and has been working to try to rebuild it and in so doing seeking the only source of manpower anyone in EVE uses — pirates. It’s understood in EVE that when you’re building an Alliance you make some compromises, and piratey types are the only ready source of combatant manpower. Hell, they’re practically everyone in EVE outside of highsec. EVE, you see, is a griefer’s game. Now, when I say it’s understood I mean that it’s understood by everyone except Alison. And she’s exceptionally attached to this uncompromising vision of what Ethereal Dawn is supposed to be, which unfortunately makes it my problem.

My younger brother has moved on from Spokane to Pullman and is working toward an engineering degree. I’m very proud of him, and hope he finishes his degree before I complete mine. I found it odd that for the first time I can recall we were having a conversation and it was like we were speaking different languages. He has this whole field of expertise now that I know virtually nothing about. That’s cool, but the point is that it’s different. He’s my younger brother, so for the whole time we were on similar educational paths, I always knew more than he did about the same things, always having a year or two over him. But now I know Computer Science stuff and he knows Mechanical Engineering stuff. It’s awesome.

In other insignificant news, I had this great conversation with a Tea Partier. It probably helps that he was on my football team in high school, but I have to commend Doug for the way he handled himself in our facebook exchange over economics and taxes. I don’t think we agreed on much or settled much, but we had this kind of elevated intellectual discourse that you see so rarely these days.

3 thoughts on “So, what the hell is going on with you, anyway?

  1. Jal_Phoenix

    Sounds like you’re having a bit of a rough time. I can certainly sympathize with the pain, having a ruined back myself. I hope things start looking up for you soon!

  2. mame_snidely

    Bob, I highly encourage your family to make a DEVOTED effort to cleaning as soon as possible this summer. As in, turn of the computers, turn of the TV and CLEAN. You don’t have to necessarily junk things, but I feel like the house probably has a mold/bacterium issue that is contributing to your bad health. A thorough vacuuming and wipedown could do a lot of good. Also, I think you have a bad mattress — you might check KPR CL for better options.

  3. BobRichter

    In all honesty, cleaning it without repairing it isn’t going to do much good, and we lack the resources for that.

    The house is probably contributing, but that’s not all of it. Mostly I think it’s my age and weight catching up with me.


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