It is now the eve of my return to Classicbattletech — at least I hope so. I was banned on June 28 at 12:14:54. Hopefully, that would mean a one-month ban would end on July 28 at 12:14:54.


In any case, I should be able to get back on in the next couple of days, but I remain unsettled. I wonder if the mods/admins will answer my PMs, or will they continue to stonewall me?

Assuming they all aren’t just unaccountably massively busy right now, it’s a bit of a childish behavior. They can’t defend their position logically, so they won’t talk about it? So I guess I should assume they’re all unaccountably busy. So busy they can’t answer one e-mail between them in three weeks — in which case, they need to hire more help.

Well, maybe they’ll check their PMs. Though I’m not overly expecting them to.

I guess I’ll just have to be careful about this, post only on the FGC and Fan Articles boards as I was intending. Of course, Gracus took over Warship of the Week in my absence (without ever asking anyone, as far as I can tell) so I may not have anything to post at all there.

Well, at least I’m still Khan of Clan Ghost Bear. That has to count for something. In the meantime, I guess I’ll be shopping around for another internet community. Any suggestions?

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