Monthly Archives: November 2005

Obviously, CBT got back up. Equally obviously, I haven’t been updating my Blog. I’m on Thanksgiving Break all this week and I need to do homework. Something tells me I should do that.

For those hoping for some insight into my semi-recent emotional distress — not just yet. I’m not that comfortable with ya’all yet. But stick around, I may decide to let it all out.

My brother and I finished the last of the Clan vs Forsaken Empire periphery battles this last week. That’s been a long time coming, but none of those took as long as the Fleet Battles will. Fortunately, there’s only two of those. :P

I want MegaAero…

Well — I’m feeling *very* civic now. I voted, and now I’ve been summoned for jury duty.

In other news, I’m thinking I’ll need to take out a loan to get me through the end of the quarter. Unemployment is a bitch.

There had to be a catch.

About a week ago, this guy named Craig from TrendWest Resorts calls me up and yaks at me for about an hour about this promotion they’re doing. Sounds like good stuff, they give me free stuff, I sit in on a sales presentation. Nothing troubling.

So today I go to the presentation and it turns out that, in all the time he was talking to me, he didn’t think to mention that, in order to qualify for the promotion, I would have to be making $30,000 a year — which is thouroughly reasonable.

It just would have been nice if someone had told me before I actually went out there. Fortunately, it wasn’t much of a drive, but I worry about the people driving in from Yakima.

Seriously, how many folks live with their parents (which he knew about) and make $30,000 a year? That’s about $14.50 an hour, give or take. A tad under the professional rates for someone in my field, to be sure, but easily enough to afford, say, a house.

Need to re-think that marketing campaign, I imagine. I still have the guy’s number. Maybe I’ll call him up and tell him?