And just when I thought I was over the Christmas Funk…

…New Years comes around, and I realise it’s about to be Two Thousand Freaking Six already. And my Christmas Drama is about to go into Round Two. Remind me to tell ya’all about that when I’m feeling better.

PEMCO is offering $600 in compensation for my car being totalled — tightfisted cheapskates. The value of a car to its driver cannot be counted in dollars (certainly not a mere six hundred of them.) A car is opportunity and freedom. Those six hundred dollars will not give me the same freedom or opportunity as a fully functional 1985 Dodge Colt — and that is what I demand of them. I will settle for nothing less.

Just because it’s old and kinda beat-up looking doesn’t mean I don’t need it to get places, and it doesn’t mean they’re any less liable.
Remember this, folks, if you’re going to hit a car anyway, hit the CHEAPER one…

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