Birthday, Graduation, Business, etc.

First, I’m going to go with Happy Dad’s Day for all you Fathers out there (espeically mine. Yes, I’ll get the lawn mowed. I swear!)

It’s been for-damn ever, and I’m sorry I haven’t really had time to write thing thing. Other things took priority. Strictly speaking, some of them still should be, but I NEEDED A BREAK OR I WAS GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY and then nobody would have been having fun…

Back on the eighth, I entered my second quarter-century of life, making me still older than I’m really comfortable with. Friday I graducated from Columbia Basin College with my second degree. My brother came down for the occasion. A good time was had by all.

Of course, there’s still troubles. There’s always troubles. Strictly speaking, there’s two classes I’m still working on and Alison has had some troubling health issues of late, aside of still being crazy.

But life goes on, and I feel a lot less loaded-down than I did last week.

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