I keep not posting.

Two possibilities as to why:
1) I have nothing to rant about.
2) I have some kind of freaky writer’s block.

I’m going with 2 right now, since I missed Warship of the Week again and I’m having real trouble digging into an MFC project I’m trying to do right now (and it’s a very simple one.)

Life updates, for those who care:
Alison took off for a four-day trip to Cleveland Saturday (meaning she got back yesterday.) I saw her off at the airport at 6:30am, meaning that I didn’t get any sleep the night before.

This turned out to be inconvenient since my great-grandmother’s memorial service was being held in Colville that same day and we were set to drive up. Now, I had figured that Gerald would be driving (we were taking his car and he NEVER lets anyone else drive…) and I would get to nap on the way up. Unfortunately, Gerald had shorted himself on sleep too, and worrying about whether or not he was staying awake deprived me of any restful napping.

We picked Jason up on our way through Cheney (not the best route to Colville from here, but it worked) and made it to the church in time to catch the tail-end of the sermon. Being that it was a back-woods (by even Eastern Washington standards) small-town SDA church, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear them touting the “virtues” of ID, but would it have killed them to come up with a better argument than “There’s a bug that can cause explosions with its glands! This couldn’t POSSIBLY have evolved.”

Far more likely to have evolved than to have been the product of the mind of a loving creator who didn’t want his other creatures BLOWN UP. There are three choices here: 1) Life evolved randomly in accordance with Chaos Theory and Natural Selection. 2) Life was designed by a Designer who didn’t know when to quit (how many MILLION species are there) and enjoyed watching things KILL EACH OTHER 3) Life was, in fact, designed by a comittee. Only a comittee could be so incompetent as to give MEN…NIPPLES…on purpose.

So I listed to that crap. but as if that weren’t bad enough, when we got to the actual memorial service, the minister delivered a forty-minute sermon before the family actually got to speak. Talk about getting carried away…

…anyway, a lot of folks came, and they had some really nice things to say. I never really knew my great-grandmother as an adult, but she was a great woman. She will be sorely missed.

My mom decided to stay with family in Colville for a while, so Gerald and Jason and I drove back to Cheney and dropped off Jason and his computer. And then it’s just Gerald and me all the way back to Pasco.
Somehow (and I’m not sure how) we actually made it back, stopping in Ritzville for some Subway. I decided to crash on Gerald’s couch and then hang out most of Sunday.

We had planned to do something interesting with MIRCScript (I forget what) but we ended up playing EVE Online instead. Levi and Gerald and I made a pretty effective team for running level 4 missions, managing several missions without even losing my “little” Cyclone.

I went back home Sunday night and did my homework and attended class like a good boy on Monday. Did I mention my new class is at 3:45pm? It’s actually a bit of a pain in the ass, since it runs ’til 5:50pm or so, which is usually when I’m getting around to doing something.

Anyway, Tuesday I went over to Dave’s for our standard gaming session, except it was just Dave and I (what with Alison being in Cleveland, Jason being in Cheney, and Jim doing whatever it is Jim does…working?) so we ended up playing Full Thrust by an odd bastardization of the 2.0 rules — in which we discovered that Fighters and Superdreadnoughts were badly unbalanced as Dave trounced me two games in a row. It’s all good. Got to love the Starship Combat.

And then Alison came back Wednesday and pretty much back to life-as-usual. Urgh.

Well, stay tuned for further updates, I guess…

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    The reason men have nipples is because we all start as women in the womb. By the time you start developing into a male, the nipples have already formed.


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