I am NOT happy.

The plan was, and I had been expecting, that my brother would be coming down from Spokane tonight in time for Karaoke. There was even some talk that I might take him back up Thursday.

Apparently, all that changed last night and noone even consulted me. Jason’s staying up there tonight so that he can walk Beth home from work (he made a promise. I respect that. It’s cool, I guess. It just would have been nice to PLAN for it last week. Maybe we could have put the whole thing off for a week so he could keep his promise and I’d still actually get to SEE him. Sure, my Mom’s birthday is Thursday, but we don’t really stand too much on exact dates in my family. It could have waited.) Further, I find out he’s planning on having my mother drive him back Thursday.

The upshot of all of this is that, basically, my brother’s going to be breezing through town for a couple of days, and I’ll probably barely get to see him, if at all. That pisses me off.

It’s very hard to do highly technical homework when you’re pissed off.

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  1. mame_snidely

    Bob, please don’t be angry…

    Jason failed to make his exact plans clear to me and by the time I understood them I had nowhere to find a new escort for the night and it’s not safe for a multitude of reasons to run around Spokane in this area at that time of night. I was dissapointed that he’d failed to notice that he’d double booked himself, and that appears to be what dissapointed you as well.

    We actually asked your mother if it would work to be next week, and frankly, she flat out said no. I even offered to drive him down for the event…. Can I ask why Karaoke can’t be Wednesday night? He should be in town until late on Thursday, there’s no reaosn that over the course of the time allotted you couldn’t find some for him and also arrange for the moving of karaoke.

    You, also, have an invitation to come and visit that he has probably not conveyed to you. And I’ve offered a number of times to bring him down. I’d like to point out that because of Alison you were unable to talk with him last time…. So you see, I don’t think the issue is fairly blamed on me, which I feel it has been.

    Thanks for hearing me out,


  2. BobRichter

    I wasn’t blaming this on you, Beth. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. I didn’t know who’s fault it was, and I had neither time for nor interest in laying blame. I was more just pissed off generally. I got over it.

    Karaoke can’t be rescheduled right now because basically it’s tuesday or nothing. My Dad only has tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nights off, Jason would have needed to go back to work friday, and the Paradise only has Karaoke on tuesday, friday, and saturday. We might have been able to find a place that was doing it wednesday, but we weren’t aware of the necessity far enough in advance to really properly scout it out and figure where else to go.

    My mom wouldn’t have been here next week either. Some big trip she had to do, and I guess combining her and my dad’s birthday celebrations would have been a bit much (don’t know why not. Works for Presidents Washington and Lincoln — of course, they’re both dead.)

    The way I see it, the reason I didn’t get to spend much time with Jason last time came down to a lack of scheduling and communication. It really wasn’t Alison’s fault, as *I* had figured Jason would be out the rest of the night. We did better this time. Perhaps we can improve even further the NEXT time.


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