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Oh, for pete’s sake.

So, last Wednesday after gaming (making it Thursday, really,) against my better judgement, we went to Winco and went shopping. When we left, Alison’s planner (single most important object in the entire universe. Of doom.) got left behind. I thought she had it. She thought I had it.

Naturally neither of us had it. This one other gal had it. She called me to say she had it (my dad took the call.) Haven’t heard from her since. Alison’s frantic. She’s acting like it’s the end of the damned world or something. I’m sure what’s-her-name will call again eventually. I mean, why call and tell me she’s got it, if she’s no intention of returning it? Doesn’t make sense.

So, another Monday.

I seem to have been struck by my muse again, so I’ve actually been updating my fanfic on ClassicBattletech, “The Devil and The Deep Black Sea”. Give it a look if you haven’t. Tell me how much I suck. I need commentary. It’s my sole source of spiritual sustenance in writing endeavours. Plus, I actually want to get better.

I have homework I could be doing now. Hopefully, I’ll get to it this evening. It’s due Wednesday, so I still have plenty of time, but that’s not an excuse.

The house is getting close to ready for Alison. Should be ready by the end of the week, which means it won’t be. But it’s closer.

Filler content: Internet Meme.

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss…
…probably hasn’t happened yet.

2. I am listening to…

3. I talk…
…too fast.

4. I love…
…too easily and too thoroughly.

5. My best friend(s)…
…get more out of me than I get out of them.

6. My first real kiss…

8. I hate it when people ask…
…if I’ve married Alison yet.

9. Love is….
…a verb.

10. Marriage is….
“…a fine institution, but I’m not ready to be institutionalized.”

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking…
…just about anything you could possibly imagine.

12. I’ll always…

13. I have a crush…
…no, I guess I’m just hungry.

14. The last time I cried was because…
…I’ve failed to walk the Eightfold Path.

15. My cell phone….
…costs too much and delivers too little.

16. When I wake up in the morning….
…it’s a very strange day.

17. Before I go to bed…
…I get out of bed.

18. Right now I am thinking about…
…stupid internet memes.

19. Babies are…
…tasty. Yum.

20. I get on myspace…
…wait, no I don’t.

21. Today I…
…lost more ‘Mechs than I would have liked.

22. Tonight I will..
…drive further than I’d like.

23. Tomorrow it will be…

24. I really want to be…
…comfortably wealthy, and happily married.

25. Someone that will most likely repost this is…
…an idiot. Idiots will repost anything.

Holiday debrief

Welcome to 2007. Now that the major holiday season is over, I imagine it’s time for a retrospective.

I got exactly two Christmas presents this year, but it doesn’t bug me.

The coolest present I got was from my brother Jason, who got me just over two million tons worth of space-going Capital Warships. Well, okay, they’re Warship minis but even so, they’re my first three. They’re all assembled and painted and they’re so very, very cool.

The first is the former Ghost Bear Flagship (destroyed May 3067 by Clan Nova Cat in the Second Naval Battle of Alshain) Dieron’s Run, an 860kt Cameron-Class Battlecruiser.

I also got Ursa Minor, a 600kt York-Class Destroyer/Carrier (also destroyed at Second Alshain,) which is probably my second-favorite Ghost Bear ship of all time.

My third ship was a 630kt Kyushu-Class Troop-ship/Frigate, which I have decided is DCS Dream of Kessel.

Aside of AT2, where I still expect Dieron’s Run and Ursa Minor to see some action against the Forsaken Empire, I’ve also been plotting to build Full Thrust stats for these minis. If I decide to go to RadCon, I’ll have stats ready and bring these along.

The second was essentially about a quarter of a Guitar. I’ve been thinking about taking up instruments again, and the Guitar seemed like an obvious place to start. Apparently my mother felt like encouraging me, and so she gave me a $20 check toward a new Guitar.

Now, the reason it doesn’t bug me — for me, Christmas has never been about the presents. It’s about spending time with family and friends. This year, my Christmas wasn’t plagued with worries about Alison’s health, since she’s staying with my mother while we recondition my house (the remodel we were doing on the place was never completed, and we have a fairly serious mold problem) for her. We had a meal together, sang some songs, exchanged some presents. It was fun. It was a good experience, even without conspicuous consumption by more than one or two member(s) of the family.

I was a little sick over the New Year holiday, but I seem to be better now. I didn’t drink or do any wild partying (and, hell, I never do,) but I did hang out with my mom and Alison and listen to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM predictions show, and that was fun (as it usually is.)

It was a good holiday season. Better than I’ve had in a while.

When I can get a camera to get shots of these minis, I’ll post them on ClassicBatttletech, and maybe here.