RadCon debrief

RadCon was fun for once. We had a full Battletech table for the first time in years, and I also got to play Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (which, while not as bad as it looks, isn’t for the faint of heart,) Full Thrust, AD&D (first edition,) Talisman (2nd ed.,) and Supreme Commander (PC Game, only thing I went to the LAN room for.) Notable (for its coolness) was the number of non-RPGA games being run.

With a full gaming schedule, I didn’t have much time to follow the program track (which, honestly, is how I prefer it.) but I did manage to get a free novel and get it signed by Larry Niven. Of course, I gave it (and the art piece I bought at the auction) to Alison to console her for not getting to go.

2 thoughts on “RadCon debrief

  1. Ghost0402

    I haven’t seen SiTS around here ever. Was hoping to get my hands on a copy eventually. Could you go into a bit mroe detail about how the game went and such? Thanks dude.


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