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Cleaning didn’t go as expected, and Alison’s stay has been extended somewhat.

First, only two people showed up for the Sunday Cleaning Horde discussed in my last post. I was disappointed, and we didn’t get all that much done.

Beth and Jason came down this last Friday, and while much appreciated, their aid barely dented the remaining problem. I have a lot more bagged trash to take to the dump, though.

So I’m continuing cleaning efforts on my own, hopefully I can get things livable for Alison soon, though the steady onrush of the end of the semester is daunting me at the moment. Anyone who wants to come and help at any time would be welcome. To be clear, mostly what I need is for things to be wiped down and/or scrubbed. Not so much (well, comparitively) to be thrown away at this time.

In an effort to relieve the stress, I finally finished Neverwinter Nights 2 with my first character, Teria Waynn, who was a Sorceror(6)/Eldritch Knight(10)/Dragon Disciple. I lost Neeshka (apparently you need a tremendous amount of influence to break Garius’s binding, and I only had quite a bit) in the Garius fight, which saddened me. She was among my favorite companions (along with Shandra, who died earlier) Killing Qara and Bishop was satisfying. If I could have killed that prick Bishop earlier, I would have, and what Qara needed most was a good spanking and a long stay in an anti-magic field.

Also, I have started playing OGame ( again, which is stupid of me, since I’ll just get my fleets eradicated and whatnot. Eh. It was reasonably amusing the first time, thought I might try it again, if only to get ideas for my own web-interactive empire-building game concept. Anyway, I’m playing in Universe 29 and have joined an Alliance called Hell’s Angels, if anyone’s inclined to come play along.

Fiction, Cleaning, Life, the Universe, and Everything

For those who care, I took the time to update my ever-lengthening fanfic “The Devil and the Deep Black Sea” over at Sorry it took so long. I’ve been out of communication with my muse for a while, and only just now figured out how to write that scene.

I’ve sent Alison back to my Mother’s place for a few days. It’s easier to clean when there’s noone arond who’ll have a severe reaction to anything that might get kicked up. Gerald is trying to assemble a crew to clean up tomorrow. Initial indications are good, but I’ve had these things fall apart before with good indications.

I play too much Supreme Commander. I’ve beaten all three campaigns and can reliably defeat a Supreme AI. There are limits to what my system can do, and so I’ve not tried anything really big in a while. I think I prefer UEF as a rule, their stuff makes the most sense to me. Working for the Evil Empire is somewhat of a downer, though. The Aeon campaign was probably the most interesting, and I like the princess, but religious weirdos with even weirder tech is a bit of a turn-off. The Cybrans are just crazy, and their stealth fetish causes some trouble for me as a commander. Walking Destroyers are also an issue, as they prefer going overland (slow) to through water (fast) if it’s a more direct route. Pathfinding for these guys needs help. It’s neat to have a universe where noone is even remotely right.

It’s occurred to me that some 60% of my problems would be solved if people would get over things. You all know who you are, too. Or if you don’t, I may need to smack you.