Well, it looks like I’m not as bad off as I thought. I had a chat with Dallas Barnes, who is essentially The Guy You Talk To about academic reinstatement at WSU Tri-Cities, and he thinks reinstatement is a sure thing. I just have to jump through some hoops. And then use a Jedi Mind Trick or two on those FinAid bastards. It turns out the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy at WSU has something called Rule 43, or the “Forgiveness Rule” which could hardly be better customized for my situation.

Rule 43 says that if you’ve been out of WSU for four years (as I was between 2002 and 2006) and you’ve completed X credits (which I have) with a 2.0 or better (2.42 overall, actually) then all of the old scores can just go away, while allowing you to retain the credits for things you actually passed. Being forgiven under Rule 43 would mean I wasn’t even deficient in Spring and they should stop bugging me.

To paraphrase Dr Barnes (since I can’t remember exactly what he said): “You’re a 2.42 GPA student. You shoudn’t even be in my office.”

Meanwhile, yes, I will be looking for work. Especially since I now have no money. A while back I got tricked into a Blockbuster Online free trial. I know I should read Terms and Conditions, but like everyone else, I don’t. I’m too busy. Anyway, apparently, their Terms and Conditions allow them to debit my account without even informing me if I accidentally keep their DVDs after cancelling their service. Which I did. Which means my account balance is now negative. Bastards. I cancelled that debit card just to stave off any other surprises that might be out there waiting (plus, I really needed a new one anyway,) but I am now flat broke, which doesn’t help anything.

They’ll return the money when they get their DVDs back, which seems fairly decent for a bunch of dirty rotten swindlers with which I will never again do business.

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  1. mame_snidely

    YAY!!!! I’m glad that’s not so bad as we all thought it was.

    Can I suggest that you pound out a strategy for finding work before you barrel out the door? Otherwise you might as well be wandering around in the woods, looking for Pokemon.


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