Alison’s checks and new check card arrived yesterday and so we were able to do a bit of shopping, put some gas in the vehicle, and grab some food. Mm. Food.

Having her living out at my mother’s is intensely expensive. I had no idea how much it could cost to live out in the country before I tried this experiment. I really need to be getting the house ready. And getting a job.

I finished building my resume today. I don’t know how good it is, but I’ll try sending it around and see what happens, I guess.

Here it is, I guess you can have a look for yourself. I’d appreciate any tips. Also any volunteers to act as references. That “Available Upon Request” bit is actually a bit of a fib: I don’t have a list of references just waiting to give to the company that asks for it.

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  1. mame_snidely

    Looks decent. I’m happy to be a reference for…. well, your good character, I guess. Is there any way you could put some money towards some better clothes for interveiws/first few days? I’m pretty broke, or I’d give it to you myself, I think it’s that kind of important. I’m thinking like to dressiER shirts and some dockers or something, nothing uber-special.

  2. mame_snidely

    Er and….. I suppose if you sent me a fun little program I could be a reference for your work. Make something that chases the cursor around or something :)

  3. SSB

    I think some of the better references to have are people you have done work for.  If they are willing to be a reference that is.


  4. BobRichter

    I’ve thought of talking to my profs. Also, there’s a fella I did some work for a few years back who might be willing to give me a good reference.


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