Travels and Trials

My main computer (RAKSHASA, my four-year-old E-machine) may be kaput. :( I set it up at my mom’s last night and it repeatedly froze while trying to boot. That’s what you call “Not good.” I’m not sure exactly what’s causing the problem, but due to its age (and consequent outmoded technology,) I’m thinking I may have to replace the whole thing, which I can’t afford right now. :P I am posting right now from my Linux machine, which at least lets me talk to the world.

I took a bit of a side trip on my way home from my mom’s this morning. I stopped by my bank’s Road 68 branch in Pasco (which should give you an idea of how long I was there. They open at 9am. :P) before heading down to the Franklin County courthouse on 4th Street to make an overdue payment. Then across to the Charter office in Kennewick for another late payment. There was quite a line to wait through, but I soldiered on, because my internet access means more to me than sleep. While there, I found out I could be paying less for cable TV and Internet than I’m now paying for just cable Internet. The TV service is being installed on Tuesday.

About three blocks from home, my Sidekick decided where I was having lunch by overheating (I have a bad radiator leak and it was a 98 degree afternoon) right in front of the subway. After pushing it into the parking lot, I let it sit for a while while I got myself a sammich. Great fun.

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