The Short, Victorious War

Despite my EVE Alliance(Ethereal Dawn)’s unfortunate initials, we proved over the weekend that we are not impotent.

A displaced navy from one of the northern Alliances (I neither know nor care which one) decided that our base in the new territories looked like a cozy place to settle in. They showed up with 38 capital ships and nearly 100 conventional fleet units and a number of control towers.

They easily broke our blockade at the r6 gateway and set up towers both there and in my corp(Black Lotus Heavy Industries)’s home system, seeking to establish sovereignty so that they could assault and capture our station. Using their massive capship fleet, they knocked our towers into reinforced mode, where most would hold for a day or more (unfortunately meaning that our claim of sovereignty would be cleared at midnight, allowing them to take over.)

Then their op fell apart. It had taken them six hours just to deploy against us, and with our towers in reinforced, the vast majority of them decided they had better things to do.

And then our counterattack began. Allies and even non-allies from all over the new territories began to show up to join our fleet as we battered down one after another of their towers. At some point I got made a Squad Commander due to my Leadership V skill, and then put on a gate camp that (and this is the good kind) never saw any action.

BLHI’s Logistics Wing sprang into action, quickly acquiring three new control towers and setting them up in record time. BLHI pilots also provided cyno beacon services and we even managed to field a single Dreadnought (we’re looking to expand this number to three as soon as possible.)

By downtime, our sovereignty was still held, and our enemy was requesting terms from the allied GOON SWARM for their surrender. My understanding was that the terms were “Get out! And stay out!”

At the end of the day, it was a good showing both by BLHI and ED. We retained our sovereignty, and BLHI took no losses beyond consumables (though these cost a bit.)

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