Death, Hell, and Rebirth

My poor car is dead again. My understanding (and I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to internal-combustion engines, mind you) is that the vehicle has either a blown head gasket or a cracked head. At this time, I don’t know which, so I don’t even know how much it’ll cost to repair. Suckage.

It’s been hot as hell around here. My house is an oven. Consequently, I got all of jack and shit done this week. I had seriously hoped to get the lawn mowed or get my job search started or at least learn how to use PHP and SQL well enough to hack together the Cypress Gardens website, but it’s just been too damn hot, and me with minimal air conditioning.

Alison and I actually may be getting back together. The only good thing about last weekend’s “storm” is that Alison has promised me a number of things, one of which (and possibly most important) is that she’s going to (try to) get over Jonathan. Most of the issues there seem to have been resolved, and I couldn’t be happier, except that I feel bad for having hurt her so deeply. I wish I could have found another way.

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