Online (Permanently?)

So, my brother moved back in and brought his cable service with him, so not only am I online full-time now, but it’s faster than it was. Meanwhile, my other brother upgraded his computer and brought me his old one (Thanks!), so I now have a reasonably-functional windows machine (interestingly enough built into a full-sized ATX tower that I bought for the both of us many years ago.) I just slotted my old HDD in there for a total of 360 GBs of glorious, glorious storage space on two old-fashioned IDE chains.

I can (barely) play Supreme Commander, so I’m not feeling quite as game-deprived now. Especially considering that all of my OTHER PC Games work on this thing. Now I just need to be sure not to spend too much time relieving that particular frustration. Still have homework to do.

In other news, I finally convinced WSU Financial Aid to give me money. Unfortunately, it’s not arrived yet and we’re now four weeks into the semester and I still don’t have books. *sigh*.

I applied for additional money to buy me a laptop. Hopefully that comes through too. I could really use a laptop.

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