The ordering of parts

Or My Shuck’s Adventure.

I’ve been trying for a while now to order a new cylinder head for The Beast. I finally got it ordered yesterday, but that took a bit of doing.

The gal at the auto parts store who was helping me place my order called down to their supplier, American Cylinder, and asked if the part was available. The American Cylinder guy said that no, they didn’t have it. In fact, he claimed, they didn’t even stock it as the part wasn’t in demand. This sounds like nonsense (especially when you consider the number of Suzuki Sidekicks and Samurai and their Chevrolet rebrands running about,) and it turned out to be, but we were briefly stymied until her manager intervened.

Thankfully, my dad (the car guy) had been by earlier that day to check on the part’s availability. The manager had called AC and had recieved a more positive response. So the manager had  her call them again. Apparently, she got a different guy and, yes, they had the part. Apparently, the other guy was smoking crack.

Of course, even this is too easy, so it turned out we had the wrong part (though thankfully we caught it now, and not when the part arrived.) So we finally got the correct part number, did the whole tango (at least the non-crack-smoking part of it) again and got it ordered. The correct part cost about $60 more, but they cut the price to match their quote, as the part mix-up had been their error.

So my part is coming the 15th. With any luck, Burgie will be back from the dead yet again shortly thereafter.


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