Upcoming Birthdays

Bob’s Birthday Gift Table (2d6):
2 Cash (1-3) or a gift card (4-6) to an establishment of interest. A BattleCorps subscription would also do here.
3 White teddy bear in Ghost Bear dress (1-3) or field (4-6) uniform.
4 A Dragon. Any kind of dragon will do.
(IWM has a line of them, but plush dragons and dragons from other sources are also good.)
5 Battletech Minis (see subtable 5.)
6 Full Thrust Minis (see subtable 3.)
7 Aerotech Warship Minis (see subtable 1.)
8 Aerotech Fighter Minis (see subtable 2.)
9 Gaming Manual (see subtable 4.)
10 Iron Kissed, by Patricia Briggs.
11 Fuzzy dice.
12 Roll twice and take both results.
subtable 1: Aerotech Minis[Warships!](1d6):
1 Black Lion Battlecruiser
2 Leviathan II
3 Volga Transport
4 Fredasa Corvette
5 Inazuma Corvette
6 Kirishima Cruiser
subtable 2: Aerotech Minis[Fighters!](1d6):
1 Clan Aerospace Fighters – Set 1
2 Clan Aerospace Fighters – Set 2
3 Clan Aerospace Fighters – Set 3
4 Aerospace Fighters – Set 1
5 Aerospace Fighters – Set 2
6 Aerospace Fighters – Set 3
subtable 3: Full Thrust Minis[More Warships!](1d6):
1 Konstantin class ATTACK CARRIER
2 Tsiolkovsky class LIGHT CARRIER
3 Affondatore class Strike Carrier
4 Von Tegetthoff class SUPERDREADNOUGHT
5 Der Theuerdank class FIGHTER CARRIER
6 Szent Istvan class BATTLEDREADNOUGHT
subtable 4: Gaming Manuals(1d6):
1 Classic Battletech Technical Readout: 3039
2 Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade
3 Classic Battletech TechManual
4 Jihad Hot Spots: 3072
5 Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Player’s Handbook (due for release June 6th.)
6 Mekton Zeta and Mekton Zeta Plus
subtable 5: Battletech Minis(1d6):
1 Arcas
2 Catapult
3 Griffen IIC (Reseen)
4 Grizzly
5 Ryoken
6 Vulture

Some of these items are fairly inexpensive. If you just feel like you want to give me MORE, feel free to roll more than once. In the likely event that you can’t procure what you rolled for whatever reason, feel free to re-roll, or just get something totally unexpected. I understand if you need more time to procure an item, I quite understand. I was late posting this, and that’s one of many reasons the celebration of my birthday now encompasses the entire month of June. For best results, consult with other gift-givers to avoid duplication.

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