Another month, another blog

Or something. Not much to report. Hot as hell in Richland. Finalized resume, more or less. An HTML version appears here (forgive the quick-and-dirty Word export, for those of you who care.)

And yeah. Still looking for work, trying to stay out of the heat. Supposed to get some blood work done today. Did I mention I haven’t been feeling well for a while? Hm. No, probably not. Anyway, I went to talk to a doctor last thursday and…need to reschedule my appointment for this week…and he’s a little worried about diabetes, owing to my weight and family history, so off to the lab I go to get vital fluid removed and analyzed. Fun fun.

Other than that…yeah. Pretty much nothing.


2 thoughts on “Another month, another blog

  1. mame_snidely

    Hey Bob– if it is diabetes (or thyroid) I happen to know a decent amount about that (okay– a TON, I took care of a diabetic for almost two years and got things into a normal healthy range) and I’m happy to take you shopping and show you some things that will help a lot. I notice they tend to give older diabetics about zippo for information and then spendy check ups yelling at them. And thyroid patients are about the same So uhm, bug me, ask questions, do research. In most cases, diabetes is a very beatable disease. (Type II, that is. Type I not so much yet. But you don’t have type one, as if it goes uncontrolled for any particular length of time it causes a coma.)


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