Hand-Draws, Jump-Bridges, and Rebooting Fixes Everything

So I finally went in and got my blood drawn for that blood work I needed done yesterday. For any normal person, and for me until a few (well, probably more than a few now) years ago, this would be no big deal. A little poke, some slight discomfort, and you’re done.

I actually gave blood a time or two. It’s supposed to be healthy for men, and I’m basically a Paladin. I consistently test LG on those dumb internet alignment tests, and I’m fairly civic-minded, if lazy. Giving blood was basically a no-problem way of saving lives. Sure, B+ isn’t in all that much demand, but it has to help something. So I was very down with the idea, and for a few attempts, my Dad and I would go in together to “feed the vampires.”

That was before the time I passed out. I had got off the couch and headed over to collect my cookies and juice (quest reward, anyone?) I was feeling fine, right until I woke up on the floor.

Since then, I’ve had trouble nearly every time I’ve had blood drawn for any reason,  such as when I went into the emergency room back in 2006. Yesterday was a little different. I didn’t actually pass out, but it took three attempts to get any blood, and I nearly fainted twice. The one that actually worked was a hand-draw. It didn’t put me at risk of unconsciousness, but it did hurt like a bitch. Still stings a bit.

And I was feeling ill most of yesterday on account of it. I still feel a little quesy and should be resting. Naturally, I’m bad at it.

I did a couple of fuel-runs in EVE using the alliance jump-bridges for the first time. They really cut down the trip (something like ten or fifteen jumps reduced to two) and all it takes is a little inexpensive fuel. Of course, there’s still the threshold jumps from nullsec to lowsec to worry about. Fortunately, I’m reasonably lucky and have a cloaking device and a microwarp. But I moved over 60k cargo units of tower fuel in less than an hour, for the cost of about 300 units of LO. Not a bad deal.

Country Haven had some kind of a problem with their network yesterday. I’m still not sure quite what happened, but when I went out there, the routing/proxy server was off. Apparently, it had been off for a while, so I don’t know if the network was reconfigured while we weren’t looking or what. Anyway, I booted and rebooted the server a couple of times, and it started working. So I called it good and let it be. I hope to head back with Gerald sometime soon (he’s the network guy, really, and knows more about that particular network, and Linux, than I do) to do a complete check-over of the system and see just what all got screwed up. Unfortunately, Gerald’s been having some trouble with one of his legs, so I don’t know how long that will take.



3 thoughts on “Hand-Draws, Jump-Bridges, and Rebooting Fixes Everything

  1. mame_snidely

    A draw, done properly, on the back of the hand shouldn’t hurt…… :/ I bet they did something like combining a vacumn tube and butterfly needle which makes even me crawl the walls, and typically when I go in they come at me with the biggest needle they can find. Bah. I wonder why giving blood seems to be so much worse for men, even if it is just a few finger pricks? I’ve had a half-pint taken out for routine blood work (FASTING bloodwork) and wobbled my way out. But men, men have this tendancy to pass out. Clonk. Sorry you had trouble anyway :(

    What’s wrong with Gman’s leg?

  2. Just_Me_Jeannie

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  3. BobRichter

    @mame_snidely – You’d have to ask him, but he’s been missing work on account of it.

    @Just_Me_Jeannie – With all that un-digested HTML, I had a little trouble finding your comment, but I did find it. I am sorry about you having to go in regularly for blood work if you always have trouble. That sucks.


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