titles are for losers

So, I don’t have diabetes. Apparently, my blood sugar is good, though my potassium was low and my liver…enzymes(?) were high. I may have a sinus infection (which would certainly explain the headaches,) and my blood pressure is a bit on the high side. I need to lose weight.

Kind of a duh, but I have no really good strategies to do this. Back when my weight was somewhat reasonable, maintaining it depended on a good couple of hours of solid athletic practice. My current lifesyle is not this active, and I have some trouble with self-motivation in this regard.

Also, I have nothing really resembling a planned diet. I just hunt up something to eat whenever I’m hungry, which might be a contributing factor.

I picked up an application for the Round Table Pizza. I’d hate going back to delivering things, but money’s money, and I don’t see a lot else coming along right now. It won’t stop me from continuing to look, right?

In EVE,  I now have the Doomsday (device) Operation skill, which is apparently a Science skill. Does this make me a Mad Scientist?



2 thoughts on “titles are for losers

  1. mame_snidely

    I can help with a diet plan– sometime later in the month I could come down and take you shopping too– I found that was INTEGRAL to a diet plan– to figure out how to shop for it on any budget…… exercise– you’re on your own, but walking to Alison’s could be a great start (and money saver.)

  2. BobRichter

    Yeah, a planned diet might not be a bad thing. I should also look into getting a bike. I’m a lot more likely to bike than I am to walk. I have something of a need for speed.


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