Crap, is it September already?

Yup. Sure is.

Right about now, I’m glad I no longer watch TV. I haven’t been seeing the storm of empty-headed political commercials being thrown about by both sides.

On the other hand, John “Curious George II: The Sequel” McCain’s people found my e-mail address and are after me for money like I’m a loyal supporter or something. Their internal mail is at least as asinine as the rest of the spam I get. I’d tell them to cut it the hell out, but:

1) I have no idea whether they’d listen or not.

2)  It’s like a train wreck. I don’t want to watch, but I can’t look away.

3) It’s funny, especially when it comes in right next to my mails from MoveOn PAC. :P

Gerald and I tried configuring a 2620XM to host a VPN today and succeeded only in getting it to stop communicating with the Internet. We’ve managed to reverse that problem, but still don’t have the VPN configured. Well, that’s what I get for trying to do something I’ve never done before.

I may have to re-evaluate my position on karaoke contests, especially since I might acually be entering one Saturday. It’s still kind of a pity to have it pre-empt the other kind of karaoke, but at least it means that:

1) someone not related to me thinks I’m pretty good(What I was at before was actually just a sort of “qualifying round” for The Real Thing, which is probably why it didn’t get in the way much.) Not that that’s anything unusual, actually. I just like being appreciated. 

2) for an evening I’m not going to have to listen to the guy with no sense of tone or rhythm who thinks “These colors don’t run” (um. for example) is the only/greatest song in existence. And I still get to sing.

So, yeah. It might be okay. I’m even considering going. The problem will be scheduling. It’s on Saturday the 6th, which is: (I’m doing this a lot in this one, aren’t I? Eh, no help for it.)

1) The day before my mom’s birthday.  This isn’t a huge concern unless she’s in town, in which case, I’ll likely have other plans. I wouldn’t want to upset my mom by skipping out on her birthday weekend to do Karaoke.

2) Not my normal karaoke night. Of course, friday’s also the same weekend as my mom’s birthday, which might mean that we won’t be doing karaoke at all this week.

I’m still on a big Macross kick. I’m working my way through a badly translated bootleg of Macross 7 right now, having finished SDF Macross and being nearly up-to-date on Frontier. I’m trying to think up a good concept for a Macross campaign. It’d help if I had more players, which would be more likely if Alison were more stable. The main problem is that I’m just not feeling very creative at the moment. Depression does that to me.

I’m still a little depressed about Battletech, so there’s no work going on my fanfics. I’m still a lot depressed about Alison. Things seem to get better and then they don’t. I think I’m making progress, but it’s hard to tell and I’m getting pretty discouraged. Beth isn’t coming down, so no duet. :(

I finished WorkSource’s dumbass workshop series (which I could teach,) but I still am unemployed and lack the skills (networking? Yeah, probably that.) or attitude or something necessary to gain employment. Fortunately, completing the workshop series might mean I can join a program put WorkSource’s marketing team to work selling me. That should help.

We found a new Patricia Briggs novel. I’m waiting for Alison to finish it. I went back and read an older one (Raven’s Shadow) It was pretty good, though not quite the page-turner that some of her later stuff is. It should be noted, though, that that isn’t saying much. It was, quite correctly, shelved in a section at Hastings labelled “books to keep you up all night.”

Something REALLY COOL is cooking in EVE, but since I told you the identity of my EVE character, I really shouldn’t tell you what it is here. Someone Might Be Watching.

Of course, if Someone had that good of an intel apparatus, they should already know about it. And they’d be beating our asses already. So maybe I will mention it at some point. Or maybe I’ll wait until the public reveal. Who knows?



One thought on “Crap, is it September already?

  1. mame_snidely

    Bob… I will write an entry in protected mode for you. I am sorry about Karaoke too. Life took a gigantic downslide, monetarily as well. I think Jason clarified a bit, but I will try to produce a better explination.


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